Residential Services

Not Just For Businesses

Renting dumpsters and mobile toilets is not just for jobsites and festivals.  We extend these services to homeowners and residents as well.  Whether you need waste management services in the neighborhood or out a country mile, R & J Recycling and Disposal is here for you.

Dumpster Rentals

Renting a dumpster for home use is often practical.  It can be affordable, practical and a real time-saver.  With different sized dumpsters, we have a solution for every situation.  Call 866.890.2381 and we can help find the residential dumpster that best fits your need. 

Rural Trash collection

Municipal waste collection often stops at city limits.  If you live in the country and need weekly trash collection services, we are there for you.  Save time and energy with our reliable, no-nonsense rural trash collection service.

Septic Tank Cleaning

With knowledge of every major brand of conventional and aerobic system, our technicians are well qualified to service your septic tank.  

Portable Toilets

Porta potties are not just for job sites and festivals.  During outdoor events and family functions, sometimes it just makes sense to rent a portable toilet.  Enjoy clean, sanitary units and friendly service.

What to expect

When you call our sales office, our staff will help you find the most efficient option for your situation.  We will give you a price quote up front, so there are no surprises.  

How to avoid delays in rental service

We pride ourselves on timely, reliable service.  To help prevent delays, make sure the area around the service area is clear of obstacles and vehicles.  Be sure there is a clear path on service days, with no locked gates  or other obstructions.